Who we are?

Voucher Gate is a marketplace where you can buy / sell VOUCHERS at discounted rates. We offer great deals, selection of discounts, easy to verify and accessible to all users. We guarantee the best available rate on the Internet during the entire sales process.

How can I buy a voucher?

Purchasing a voucher is very easy: Please read  the entire “Product description” and “General Terms and Conditions” carefully, select the desired voucher, add it to cart and make the payment. After payment you will receive a confirmation email.  Voucher Gate Team will send your voucher information and description within 12 hours.

How to book a purchased voucher?

The voucher purchaser will receive the Voucher with an identification code. There he can find all the tourist stakeholder contacts. In order to complete the booking, the user has to contact the structure directly.

How do I sell a voucher?

The portal pays back the user who paid in advance and needs to get the money back for several reasons: negative financial position, uncertainty, to protect your health, global crisis or lack of holidays. It would be extremely helpful to monetize your voucher, but generally tourism companies do not allow it: this is where Voucher Gate enters the scene! We act as interlocutors by providing support to customers and ensuring travel document collection.
If you would like to sell you voucher, do not hesitate to send us your unwanted voucher details and sell at whatever price you set.
Voucher Gate Team will contact the issuing company and will verify the accuracy and the services included.


The sale price you set for your unused voucher cannot be more than the voucher value(e.g. voucher value € 300 – sale price on Voucher Gate ≤300).
When the voucher is sold, Voucher Gate promptly offers you a cash back.
Service cost is 10% of the total voucher value.
We always try to reduce expenses but a small booking fee may be charged.
5% administration fee is charged on every purchase on our marketplace. Administration fees are charged to buyers to provide excellent customer service and to cover bank expenses.

Are you a tour operator?

We do not provide travel quote. We are a market place where you can buy and sell vouchers.
Voucher Gate offers are not-modifiable. The package cannot be implemented with extra services.
Once the voucher has been purchased tourist facilities will satisfy customer’s needs.

Holiday Bonus

To revive the tourism sector, most affected by the crisis, the Italian government launched a holiday bonus (Article 176 of Legislative Decree 19 May 2020, n. 34).
Tourism facilities are not joining bonus initiative through our portal since our marketplace  already  offers advantage deals.
That’s why holidays bonus cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.